*For your convenience, you can bring your dirty blankets needing repair to Saddle-Up Tack. Just place them in a plastic bag, and I will pick them up from there and deliver them back when they are ready.

"If you're looking for an expert in equine blanket wash and repair, Heidi's Blanket Wash &Repair is the best in San Diego County! Prices are great and delivery is timely. Our customers love Heidi's service. They drop off their dirty horse laundry at our store and Heidi picks up and delivers it fresh and new! My horse's stable mate is constantly ripping her fly sheet. Heidi creatively and professionally repairs it beautifully! For all your equine washing and repair, call Heidi! "

- Diane, Saddle Up! Tack

"Heidi's Blanket Wash & Repair has worked wonders on numerous blankets that I thought were not repairable. She makes blankets look brand new after a wash and repair. I strongly recommend her service." 

- Jamie Sweat, owner Horse Savvy Training

"We've used Heidi's service for almost two years and each time she exceeds our expectations. Heidi is an excellent seamstress and always returns our dirty, ripped blankets looking as good as new!"

- Kelley, Peppertree Ranch

What people are sayin' . . .

A few words from my clients

I've been fixing blankets in and around Poway for almost four years. Here are a few words from my clients. Please visit their websites. Thank you, and spread the word about Heidi's Blanket Wash and Repair.

"Heidi has made our blankets look brand new. It was so easy for me to let horse laundry pile up 'cause I hate doing it. With Heidi's help my horse laundry is now clean on a weekly basis . . . we love her at the

M bar R Training Center." 

- Mikey Harchol, owner M bar R Training Center