Services include: 

  • wash
  • waterproof
  • mend tears to shell and lining
  • seam seal to enhance waterproofing
  • complete reconstruction
  • replace hardware
  • leg straps
  • alterations
  • extra hair removal
  • and much more!
Waterproofing - $30.00

A waterproof test should be conducted once a year to be sure your horse's blanket holds off water. Re-waterproofing keeps the fabric conditioned and will greatly extend the life of your horse's blanket. I recommend waterproofing every 1-2 years.

Feed Bag - $20.00

This was a brand-new feed bag - the horse got a bit too hungry, I guess. Anyway, I brought it back together for $20.00.

Extra Hair Removal - $20.00+
Some horses just shed a lot. When they do, that hair can end-up stuck to the interior of your blanket. I'll remove it for you to help renew and preserve your blanket. Believe it or not, you're looking at the same blanket before and after hair removal. Pretty hairy! (Extra hair must be removed before washing or repair.)

Basic Wash - $20.00

Many blankets come to me encrusted in mud and muck. I'll give it a thorough cleaning to renew the blanket and help preserve it's life. Blankets should be washed at least twice a year, and must be washed before repaired. You should always have your blanket washed before you store it for the summer season. 

Before/After Pics

Stable Sheet - $12.00

It's important to take care of repairs early like the tear in this stable sheet to prevent them from becoming larger.

Custom Work

This fly sheet had some holes in the rump area, but because it's a favorite of the mare who wears it, I fixed it up with some special, hand-made flower patches. (Custom work extra)

Fly Sheet - $20.00

Those delicate fly sheets . . . a summertime necessity, but a bit of a pain when they tear. You don't have to buy a new fly sheet when this happens. Call me, and I'm happy to mend it for you.

Fly Sheet - $40.00

The front of this fly sheet needed complete reconstruction. It can be done, and cheaper than buying a new one!

Complete Reconstruction - $50+

I can save almost any blanket. After a good washing, his one needed new center fill, interior patching, and an exterior mend with neck fleece replaced. All completed for about $65. (Individual blanket repair will vary in price.)