Congratulations to McKenna Harchol (and trainer/Mom Mikey Harchol) on Paint Me Skippo who won Reserve World Champion English Ideal Youth, and placed in the top 5 and 10 for several events during the Pinto World Championship in Tulsa, Oklahoma (June 2014). Last year McKenna won 2 Reserve World Titles.

(And I do their laundry! :-) 

Those blankets, sheets, and wraps cost a lot of money, I know. Let me help you protect your investment by properly washing and repairing your equine laundry. Did you know that regular laundry detergent will break down the fibers and waterproofing of your horse's blanket? I use only the finest equine clothing cleanser, specially formulated to break-down protein-based soil (poop) and protect your blanket's fabric and waterproofing. My process will leave your blanket clean, fresh, and protected. But just in case you've already thrown it into the washing machine and dryer once or twice (a big no-no!), I can re-waterproof your blanket, too.


Protecting your investment.

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